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Your partner in protection and control

02 June 2021

ElectroMechanica’s (EM’s) range of Hager electrical protectionand control products help residential, commercial and industrial customers achieve more efficient, safe and reliable electrical supply.

In January this year, Hager announced the establishment of a new Business Unit, called Hager Energy, to focus on renewable energy supply and management. “Our ambition is to play a leading role in the field of renewable energy supply and management” says CEO of Hager Group, Daniel Hager, “Based on our broad energy management offer such as Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS), energy storage and energy management controlling, we offer our customers a complete and reliable system that reconciles energy consumption and environmental protection. We support this with our vision of shaping tomorrow’s electrical world.”

Electrical control and protection have become a priority. Building and home owners are seeking out safe and reliable solutions that help them achieve energy efficiency and sustainable living, without compromising safety, component longevity and reliable electrical supply. This is where EM steps in as the ideal partner in electrical protection and control, with a wide range of products and solutions.

Safe, efficient and reliable energy distribution is key

Energy distribution is the heart of every building and should therefore offer flexibility, energy efficiency and peace of mind. This is especially pertinent in the South African environment, where we need to consider challenges such as lack of maintenance, load shedding and cable theft, which may cause a disruption in the quality of supply.

The new Hager Quadro Evo enclosure is an evolution of the Quadro+, which has already proved itself in the market. As part of the Quadro equipment mounting kits (available in a wide range of standard dimensions) are designed to deliver assembly flexibility, making it easy to install and produce distribution boards up to 4 000 A. The Quadro Evo distribution system is PSC tested and certified according to local and international safety standards.

Hager’s h3+ Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are also compliance tested and certified. These are ideal for low voltage electrical circuit protection (especially in commercial premises). They are easily installed and reliably protect against overloads or short circuits while delivering accurate integrated energy monitoring. Compact in size, MCCBs offer high protection performance with a breaking capacity of up to 70 kA. Constructed with either a built-in thermal-magnetic trip unit or electronic trip unit, these circuit breakers include flexible protection settings. An investment in a good quality circuit breaker is key – it prevents damage to installations.

Room management solutions marry technology, safety and aesthetics

Every room in a building is distinct, with different electrical demands. The location and design of switches, sockets and sensors must be carefully planned, taking into account not only the required energy consumption for the room, but also space constraints, design and aesthetics. Safety and functionality should be the primary considerations, as well as the durability of the product. The product needs to last as long as the building it’s installed in, so it must be reliable and robust, while complementing the aesthetics of the room.

Home and building automation improves energy efficiency

Home automation is on the rise, as consumers look for smart tools that allow them to control the lighting, room temperature and appliances in each room, either locally or remotely by means of mobile apps. Not surprisingly, developers are incorporating this technology into their build projects in order to satisfy the need for comfort and control. It also minimises the building’s operating costs, improves energy efficiency and can enhance electrical control. For example, the system can be programmed to detect generator activity during load shedding, and to switch off non-essential appliances.
Some home automation applications include smart sensors that enable daylight saving. They detect the level of natural light in a room and then automatically dim the lighting (saving energy). Likewise, energy-guzzling air conditioning or heating can be controlled via sensors that switch them off when a room is vacant.

EM supplied a mixed-use development in the Western Cape, which was completed in April this year, with the Coviva home automation products from Hager. The solution allows the residents of each of the 400 apartments the ability to control the lighting and air conditioning in their apartments, via the Coviva smartphone app. With this technology at their fingertips, residents benefit from lower electrical bills – a saving of 10-15% on average, if it’s used optimally – as well as convenience and comfort.

An advantage of the Coviva solution is that it is easily retrofitted to existing buildings and installations without the need for new wiring infrastructure or construction.

The building’s penthouse was fitted with the Domovea system, which is similar to Coviva but with added features and functionality. “It allows for advanced control, from music to CCTV cameras and temperature control to the Internet of Things,” explains Whitelaw. A Hager 3.5 inch touch screen has been installed in the living room of the penthouse so that its occupants can easily control all of its functions.

Another class-leading solution in the home automation space is Hager’s Domovea. Similar to the Coviva system, this system allows for remote management of appliances, lighting, etc., but with added functionality. Domovea has been developed for the most complex and demanding situations, offering basic to advanced configurations.

With EM’s Hager products, effective, affordable and efficient electrical protection and control are easily achieved.