Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the act of gathering information from devices in the field without being physically present. In the industrial, agricultural, and commercial spaces this can be used to gather information for a wide variety of devices and sensors.

Remote monitoring enables real-time data and the performance of equipment to be monitored from any location via the cloud. Measurement data is easily accessible and provides users with reliable and accurate information of the parameters being monitored. Data is collected from various devices, which can be located in different areas. This data is then stored and can be accessed later on for trending purposes.

Diagnostic information on the state of devices is also available. Users can monitor the health of their devices and be alerted should there be any deviation from the set parameters. Fault alarms can also be configured to alert users of any equipment failures in the field. The cloud enables information from multiple devices and different suppliers to be viewed on one platform. Dashboards are available to give users quick insights into the most important aspects of their data.