The Worlds Most Powerful SCADA Software

What Is VTScada?

VTScada stands as an acclaimed SCADA solution trusted by organizations of all scales for comprehensive operational monitoring and control. This award-winning software boasts an accessible interface designed to cater to both technical and non-technical users. Its advanced data visualization capabilities ensure that complex information is presented clearly and concisely. Whether managing small or large operations, VTScada's scalability proves invaluable. From overseeing industrial processes and critical infrastructure to optimizing energy distribution, VTScada plays a pivotal role. By fostering cost reduction, enhanced safety, increased uptime, and improved compliance, VTScada empowers organizations to elevate their operational excellence.

Empowering Industries with VTScada

True Licensing

Whether your application is small-scale or enterprise-level, VTScada is equipped to handle it all. The robust architecture ensures reliable performance and seamless scalability, from monitoring a few hundred tags on a single laptop to managing a network of distributed servers with millions of tags. With VTScada, you have the flexibility to add more tags, devices, and users as your operations expand, ensuring your system adapts to your evolving needs.

A standout feature of VTScada is its true licensing options, giving you the freedom to expand your system to up to 2.5 million tags+. Unlike traditional licensing models that impose restrictions on the number of tags, devices, or users, VTScada offers scalability. Whether you're monitoring a few hundred tags or managing a complex network with millions of tags, VTScada empowers you to grow your system without worrying about licensing costs or usage limitations.

Designed With Mission Critical In Mind

VTScada is trusted by industries worldwide for mission-critical applications of all sizes. Developed on a pioneering reactive programming language, VTScada leverages event-driven software methodology used by leading platforms like Google and Facebook. With its high uptime features, VTScada sets the standard for reliability in control system software.

VTScada By The Numbers

80 Million

Over 80 million people depend on VTScada for emergency, fire, and medical alerting.

38% Offshore

38% of the offshore vessels in the Gulf of Mexico have VTScada installed.

150 Countries

VTScada is installed in 150 countries worldwide.

2 Largest

Two of the largest energy producers in North America use VTScada software.

40% of North America

Almost 40% of North America’s population relies on VTScada for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater services.

300 Million households

More than 300 million households worldwide depend on VTScada for television broadcasting.