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Established in 1984, EM is a specialist provider of electrical switchgear and solutions for automation and energy management.

We remain totally committed to our founding principle of supplying Africa with world-leading, high-quality products, brought to you by people passionate about service

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EM has an established network of depots and branches in strategic locations across South Africa and reputable distribution partners in neighbouring countries, making it possible to accommodate our customers across Southern Africa.

Our goal is to provide our customers with our products and services anywhere in South Africa within 24 hours.

Johannesburg | Cape Town | Durban | Bloemfontein | Nelspruit | Port Elizabeth


Being Open means sharing your thoughts and opinions when it means your view is separate to others. Rather than seeing a differing view as a negative; diversity for a business is important and diversity includes a different view point. We are well respected by both our customers and supplier partners for the quality of service we deliver and our professionalism. We are transparent, friendly, free-thinking and non -judgemental.

Loyalty is not about the length of a relationship, it’s about actions and attitude. An attitude that gets your stakeholders what they need, when they need it, every time. It’s about taking pride in what you do and collaborating with your partners. When we commit to something we see it through to the very end. We are a dynamic organisation that is supportive, reliable and always there. We form strong fulfilling bonds with our stakeholders every step of the way.

We are committed to lead by example. Too often, people are afraid to rock the boat and to make a difference. Fear grabs them and holds them down. This will stop a company and its employees from growing and achieving their goals. We need the people who are not afraid to push back when it’s needed and to challenge things and speak up for their stakeholders. In performing our duties, we believe in each other, accepting each challenge.