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Safety has Wonderful Consequences

20 April 2021

A safe and healthy workplace not only protects workers from injury and illness, but also delivers wonderful consequences. From lowering associated production costs to reducing absenteeism and staff turnover, safety products have been shown to increase productivity and quality of output while raising employee morale.

At ElectroMechanica (EM), we constantly promote safety to priority status. By helping our customers find and integrate the best-suited products to increase both safety and productivity, we extract the full value from each and every safety solution.

Tough economic environments often make top-quality safety solutions seem unattainable or expensive. At EM we do things differently. We recognise the importance of not only optimising processes for safety but for workplace productivity, too. In fact, we believe that they work best when employed together.

We Find your Ideal Fit

First, we evaluate your safety hazards in terms of severity and frequency of occurrence to establish the safety solution that suits your operation best. EM neither over- nor under-prepares your operation for safety hazards; we ensure your solution works just right for your operation, without prohibiting it from running as usual.

Table: Evaluation of workspace risks to inform an EM safety solution (table extracted from IEC 62061).

We Help your Employees Help you

Employees consistently rank ‘safety at work’ as a key concern. When working in industrial and manufacturing settings, there are several factors that can present risks and challenges to workplace safety, including proximity to lasers or moving parts of machinery, workpieces and more.

In turn, EM solutions not only increase productivity on a level of equipment or machinery functioning, but rather on a humane level, too. When safety measures are implemented to address safety challenges, employees feel more confident and motivated, while no longer fearing the possibility of being injured while on the job.

EM products add to a culture of safety, where employees feel safe and cared for, further boosting productivity and efficiency.

We Help you Meet Health & Safety Regulations:

Our products are designed to meet the highest safety standards, while optimising operation efficiency. If safety in the workplace is considered an essential, it becomes a crucial priority in highly automated environments.

We ensure the highest safety standards:

  • ISO 13849 - Safety of machinery (ISO)
  • IEC 61508 - Functional safety of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety related systems
  • IEC 61496 - Safety of machinery - Electro sensitive protection equipment
  • American & European Safety Standards & Directives

  • Our Safety Solutions

    We offer a wide range of safety devices from light curtains to programmable controllers, sensors to interfaces, safety relay devices to magnetic door switches, meeting each customer’s application demand, across industries.

    Featured products

    ReeR EOS series - Safety light curtains

    With its compact, robust housing EOS series is ideal for the protection of any machnice tool. the hardware configuration feature does not require any programming allowing easy installation and replacement.

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    MOSAIC series - Programmable safety relays

    MOSAIC is a modular configurable safety controller capable of managing all safety functions of machinery or plants. Made up of a Master unit which can operate as a stand-alone device or control up to 14 expansion units in a system.

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    MD - Fork Sensors

    Adjustable object or label detection fork sensors.

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    Scame - Industrial plugs and sockets

    Optima is a range of 16A to 125A industrial surface mounting socket outlets with straight or angled bases. Robust and practical high performance technopolymer enclosures with unlosable co-molded gasket guaranteeing a constant seal.

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