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ADXN Series Soft Starters (Lovato)

The ADXN series soft starters are the ideal solution for those who need a simple, compact and fast to configure product for the gradual control of the starting and stopping of motors. Their versatility makes them suitable for several applications such as the control of pumps, fans, conveyor belts, and compressors. Available with rated currents from 6 to 45A.

  • Two phase control
  • Built-in bypass relay
  • NFC connectivity for the programming of parameters with smartphone and APP
  • Integrated protections for the motor and soft starter

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Metal Pushbuttons (Lovato)

The new metal "Platinum" series pushbuttons, with its robust construction and impact resistance, are suited to installation in nearly any environment. Different types of actuators: metal, flat metal options along with contact elements, LED light elements and a wide range of accessories common for all types of the series

  • Elegant style ergonomic design (combining aesthetics with industrial durability)
  • IP66, IP67 and IP69K degree of protection for use even in extreme temperatures
  • Material resistant to oils, solvents and hydrocarbons
  • Simple and snap on installation

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DTM Temp Controllers (Delta)

To meet the increasing complexity of temperature control applications, Delta introduces the Multi-channel Modular Temperature Controller DTM Series. It is an ideal solution for advanced and complex temperature control applications. The DTM's intuitive design makes it easy to commission and operate.

  • Modular design for easy wiring
  • Various extension modules for a wide range of applications
  • Supports RS-485 and ethernet communication for multi-point temperature control: up to 64 points per host group, >1,000 points with several host groups
  • User-defined communication addresses
  • Complete isolation between channels

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H3+ MCCB 400 - 630 A (Hager)

The new generation of Hager Moulded Case Circuit Breakers h3+ ensures reliable protection against overloads and short circuits, combined with accurate integrated energy monitoring for all low voltage distribution systems. The h3+ offers high protection performance with a breaking capacity up to 110 kA

  • Compact frame size
  • Available from 400 - 630 A
  • h3+ MCCBs, available with either a built-in thermal-magnetic trip unit or electronic trip unit
  • Flexible protection settings to ease discrimination in all electrical distribution installations

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MS300 IP66 VFD (Delta)

The Delta MS300 series are new-generation compact AC drives which are vector control capable. This drive supports both Induction Motors (IM) and Permanent Magnet (PM) motors and provides Safe Torque-Off (STO) safety capability. Saving space, reducing setup and wiring time, while providing high efficiency and stability system — all included in the MS300 series with drive size reduced up to 40%.

  • Significant reduction of size compared to previous drive products
  • IP rating: IP66
  • Standard models: 0 to 599 Hz
  • High speed models: 0 to 1500 Hz (V/f Control)
  • Built-in PLC program with 2K steps capacity

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Guardian Line Series - N Safety Rope Switches (IDEM)

The GLS is a general duty robust die-cast Safety Rope Pull Switch designed to protect conveyor lengths where protection is required up to 80 metres using two switches or up to 60 metres using a single switch. They provide a reliable general-purpose safety solution for conveyors and offer a choice of fittings depending upon the application.

  • A bi-colour LED is available to show switch status from a distance
  • A choice of 3 pole, 4 pole or Explosion Proof contact blocks
  • Rugged design for internal or external use

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FASK Series Rogowski Coils (MBS)

The FASK series is designed so that the smallest error arises directly at the closure, i.e. in the attachment area. The flexible and ultra-thin design of the Rogowski coils allows for simple, fast and interruption free installation around the busbars or cable bundles.

  • Available in cable lengths of 3m, 5m and 10m.
  • The 3 phase integrator ROI-3 is ideally suited for the output with 3 x 1A.
  • Conforms to EN 60335-1 resistance to heat and fire Suitable for use at ambient temperatures up to 85 °C (with energy-saving coil energisation)

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Polar Gateways (Polar Monitoring)

The Polar Gateway is designed for remote monitoring applications, and gathering of info from field devices. Access live and historical data, and view reports and dashboards from anywhere. The system is device agnostic and can monitor a multitude of different devices, brands, and sensors from one cloud platform

  • Real time monitoring, alarms and GSM tracking
  • Access live and historical data, reports and have remote control of your systems, including, but not limited to, flow meters, dams, tanks, pumps & centre pivots
  • Remote monitoring and reporting of power meters and power factor systems.

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DMG Metering Range (Lovato)

LOVATO Electric presents DMG, a new generation of power analysers with widescreen LCD colour displays, for the control of energy distribution systems. One of the standout features of the DMG series is intelligent programming. The NFC technology makes it possible to configure and set parameters even when the device is not powered.

  • 4.3” wide screen display
  • USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet communication modules
  • Compatible with EASYBRANCH measuring systems
  • Memory module includes data-logger module with RTC

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Static Transfer Systems (Socomec)

The STATYS Static Transfer Systems (STS) are intelligent units which transfer the load automatically to an alternative source when the primary source is out of tolerance. This ensures "high availability" of the power supply for sensitive or critical installations.

  • Remote management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 19" Rack-mountable
  • Small footprint

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Electronic Motor Protection and Control (Elecnova)

The advanced motor management system provides detailed multifunctional monitoring, control, protection and communication as an integral solution for the management of 3-phase AC motors.

  • High-performance with reliable protection and control in harsh industrial applications
  • Potential motor fault situations anticipated via predictive analysis
  • Fault finding with self-diagnosis, installation monitoring and reporting

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Medium Voltage Drives (Delta)

Introducing Delta Electronics' new Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives (MV VSD), the ideal solution to increase uptime, safety and production. The MVF23 and MVF20 series are suitable for both Variable Torque and Constant Torque electric-motor loads and can be used in new or existing applications.

  • Compact design allows for installation in smaller spaces
  • Easy access for maintenance to be performed.
  • Redundancy options, advanced diagnostics, fault-finding interfaces and alarms for fault conditions
  • Built to order custom systems

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