Throughout its history SCAME has always preserved the spirit of its origins, striving for excellence by continuous innovation with constant research and its ability to meet the changing needs of a constantly evolving market by investing in staff, modern equipment, robotic assembly lines and painstaking quality control guarantee a product that is both reliable and technically advanced. Founded 1963. Proudly represented by EM since 1996.

Industrial Plugs and Sockets

  • Complete range of industrial plugs, appliance inlets, connectors and socket outlets complying with IEC 60309 Standard, specifically for the industrial sector
  • Various voltage, IP rating available to suit all types of requirements

Industrial Switches Sockets

  • Switch interlocked socket outlets for industrial sector complying with IEC 60309-2 standards
  • The industrial sockets of this series are ideal for applications in purely industrial environments, while presenting itself with a particularly refined aesthetic design that makes it attractive as well as functional.

Distribution Boards

  • SCAME offers a complete range of junction boxes, consumer units and distribution assemblies, based on a concept of modulability, that allows interaction with their range of inlets and socket outlets.
  • Domino Series is a complete range of watertight consumer units for surface installation, from 2 up to 64 DIN modules, Modular and combinable
  • MBOX is a range of distribution assemblies for construction sites, made of shock-resistant thermoplastic material with a maximum power of 85 kW and IP66 protection rating