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Smart Machine Suite

Save your time to build machines

DIAStudio - integrated engineering software, with which users are able to efficiently develop a machinery system, from product selection, programming, to exporting on a unified platform. Easily give machine maker to develop integrate control system in one software.

DIAStudio, which integrates product selection, IEC61131-3 programming, parameter settings, machine tuning and human machine interfaces (HMI) settings as a unified engineering platform for Delta’s PLCs, HMIs, servo drives & motors and AC motor drives. DIAStudio simplifies product selection and the programming processes, and helps to save time and cost for machine makers building machinery systems.


Quick, Easy and Smart Selection Tool

Easy product selection using specifications, patterns and key words regarding Delta's controllers, servo drives, motor drives, sensors, and HMIs for various automation projects

  • Product specifications / Comparison
  • Supports servo sizing tool with Mechanism Selection
  • Product information (catalogs / brochures, manuals, technical documents) for download
  • BOM list generation based on projects and sending to personnel by email
  • Compatible accessories recommendation


Integrated Development & Engineering Software

Provides a programming environment for machine system developers to enhance system configuration and development efficiency

  • IEC61131-3 programming environment
  • Integrates project, configuration, programming, commission, and monitoring in a simple environment

User-oriented Project Management

  • Basic designer view: Wizard Design for operation guidance
  • Advanced designer view: Complete functions via menus

Support IEC61131-3 Standard Programming Language

Data Management

  • Variable sharing with DIAScreen

One Cable Communication

  • Integrates multiple protocols in COMMGR
  • Requires only one cable to transfer the parameter configuration to the project

Intuitive Topology Configuration

  • Supports topology to configure the device protocols in the project via a user-friendly system

Commission Tool

  • Provides parameter management, gain tuning, motion control setting, oscilloscope, device

Library Manager

  • Proven library manager for the reutilization of application
  • Support HVAC application related library
  • User can create their own library application

DIACloud communication

  • Supports DIACloud platform communication via DIACOM channel
  • Router read/write data from device via DIACloud
  • Combines with Delta IES solution to construct IoT for more automation applications and Industry 4.0 upgrades

Support Device

  • Controllers: Mid-range PLC AS200, AS300 Series
  • Motion: ASDA A2 (L/M), B2 (B/F), A3, B3 (L/M) Series
  • Drives: VFD-EL/EL-C, C/CH/CP/CFP2000, MS/MH/ME300, MPD Series
  • Remote IO: AS-FCOPM (CANopen), AS-FEN02 (EtherNet/IP, MODBUS TCP)
  • Touch & Text Panel HMI: DOP-100 Series , TP Series
  • Field Device: DTC Series
  • Fieldbus: MODBUS, CANopen, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP


Motion Development & Engineering Software

DIADesigner-AX is the IEC 61131-3 programming tool for Delta's new generation motion controller – AX series. It adopts a large number of applied instructions, especially Motion library. The multilingual environment and user-friendly interfaces provide users a convenient and efficient development environment.

  • Standard IEC 61131-3 programming and unified integrated software
  • Open and modular Platform to allow secondary development for customized functionalities and components by users with industry know-how
  • Motion control programming based on standard PLC open motion control
  • Tags Sharing between DIAScreen and AX Controller Series. Variable sharing for easy operation


Intuitive Visualization Software

Provides a programming environment for machine system developers to enhance system configuration and development efficiency

  • User-friendly HMI programming software for DOP-100 and TP Series

Abundant Elements and Smooth Animation

  • Built-in element graphics for interface display, suitable for a variety of industrial applications
  • New smooth animation technology for realistic dashboard display

Advanced Alarm

  • Advanced alarm functions for managing machine operations

User Authority Management

  • Account management
  • Authorization management

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