Founded in 1993, Cirprotec is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of lightning and surge protection devices. For over 20 years, Cirprotec has been providing high quality solutions and products using the latest, most innovative technology. It is highly internationalised, and in order to be close to its customers, has an extensive network of sales partners and is present in over 60 countries.


  • Provides protection for even the most sensitive equipment (IEC 60634-4-443 category-1)
  • Clear lifetime indication (on front face) and optional remote (IR) end of life signalling contact
  • Meets all current international standards (IEC 61643 / IEC 62305, etc.)
  • Plug-in cartridges for quick and easy replacement of damaged cartridges
  • Suitable for all types of applications: residential, commercial and industrial
  • Type 2, Type 1 + 2, surge protection for photovoltaic (PV) installations


  • DIN rail device for monitoring the earthing system from within the actual surge protection device
  • SAFEGROUND technology is based on the loop impedance monitoring sending current pulses to check the status of the grounding system and provide information regarding the proper wiring of the device and the existence of an adequate path to ground for the SPD itself to protect effectively


  • V-CHECK MR - Surge protection + POP + self- reclose MCB in a single unit.
  • With V-CHECK MR the installation is protected against transient voltage spikes and voltage increases which last for an indefinite period. Typically, the first is associated with lightning and the second with bad connections or faulty neutral in 3-phase installations.
  • Transient (surge) protection
  • Power frequency Overvoltage Protection (POP)
  • Overload and short circuit protection)
  • Self-reclose MCB (automatically resets once fault is cleared)