Polar Monitoring provides its users with an online interface that helps to visualise, monitor, and control assets remotely. The Polar Cloud alerts users when thresholds have been reached and has the ability to reset devices remotely. The system can generate automated reports which can be sent via email. The Polar Monitoring System is device agnostic and works with a variety of devices. Analysing historical data could not be easier via the Polar Cloud, as insights can be visualised via various graphs. The polar system is easily accessible and simple to use.


Industrial Gateway

  • The Polar Monitoring LTE Gateway provides quick and easy connectivity to any device which is out in the field. It uses 2G/LTE connectivity via mobile networks to link your devices to the cloud.
  • The LTE gateway comes pre-installed with a Polar Monitoring managed sim card.
  • The Polar Monitoring Ethernet Gateway provides fast and easy connectivity to any device which is installed at a facility which already has an onsite network with internet connectivity.
  • This device connects to the ethernet network using DHCP to get its IP address.Its plug and play.

Industrial Fieldbus

  • The Polar Fieldbus I/O Module is an input and output to RS-485 device that allows you to connect non RS-485 sensors and devices in the field to the Polar Portal.
  • The module is paired with the Polar Gateways; it can send data from its I/O inputs to the Polar Portal for monitoring and control.
  • The Polar FIeldbus unit can be used to gather information via its inputs and provide basic control via its outputs.

Polar Monitoring Cloud

  • Live Monitoring Access, view and control devices from the Portal. Gain insights of usage from any Polar Monitoring Device.
  • Generate Reports: The Portal offers a comprehensive means of analysing historical and current data. Automated reports can be sent via email daily, monthly and yearly.
  • Ease of Access: Supports multiple device types & configurations from a variety of suppliers, manufactures & industries. All these devices are available in the same portal.