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Freedom Won joins forces with ElectroMechanica

01 March 2023

ElectroMechanica (“EM”) and Freedom Won (“FW”) have entered into a Strategic Alliance. EM, established in 1984, is a leading distributor of electrical switchgear and solutions for automation and energy management. FW, the first to market with lithium storage technology in 2010, is an original equipment manufacturer of battery energy storage systems. Both companies, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, have operations in SADC and beyond. In addition to the Strategic Alliance, the two companies share a common group holding company.

Energy efficiency, storage, and management are critical to navigating the energy crises and transitioning to sustainable generation technologies. FW was one of the first companies globally to pioneer the engineering design and commercialisation of manufacturing and production of lithium-based energy storage systems. FW continues to be a leader in the energy storage industry, with systems suitable for applications from home to commercial and industrial. EM has a long-established service and partner network throughout SADC and has been a leader in bringing energy and power technologies to the market for decades, with one goal to provide services to customers anywhere in SADC within 24 hours.

Under the Strategic Alliance, EM will provide account management and selected engineering and field services to FW’s customers. The intention is to provide technical services such as repairs and training from EM’s branch network during 2023. FW has an established route to market with long-standing distribution and integration partners with a strong offering in renewables and energy storage. EM will not be distributing or stocking FW’s products as there is no need to add to the existing distribution network.

The Strategic Alliance has the primary purpose of serving the SADC market with the products and services needed to overcome the energy crises and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy technologies. FW will continue to invest in engineering research and design resources to develop leading energy storage technologies. At the same time, EM, leveraging its extensive branch and service network throughout SADC, will service channel partners and end users with a complementary range of energy efficiency and management solutions.