For decades, Finder has built a wide range of electromechanical and electronic components for the residential, commercial and service sectors and for the industrial sector. Over 14,500 different products for all kinds of applications: Products at the heart of automation, products that can respond to electricity, time of day, temperature, water level and ambient light level. Founded 1954. Proudly represented by EM since 1984..


  • Bimetal thermostats to control temperatures inside enclosures
  • Hygrostats automatically regulate humidity inside enclosures, triggering a heater or fan when a preset relative humidity is exceeded


  • 22 Series - Modular contactors
  • AC/DC silent coil (with varistor protection)
  • Mechanical and LED indicators as standard
  • Auto-On-Off selector version available - (types 22.32, 22.34)
  • 2 or 4 contacts
  • Auxiliary contact module 6A (accessory)
  • 17.5, 35 or 53.5 mm wide


  • Finder digital time switches incorporate easy to use NFC (Near Field Communication) for fast, flexible programming of time via a smartphone and can also be performed via the front mounted joystick control.

  • Versions with 1 or 2 contacts - 16A
  • 110…230 VAC/DC supply
  • Internal battery (easily replaceable) for set-up and programming without supply voltage
  • Wide backlit display for easy programming and visualisation