Founded in 1893, Chauvin Arnoux designs, manufactures and markets a broad offering of portable and laboratory measuring instruments covering the electrical and electronics sectors, as well as physical quantities. As the inventor of multiple patents, Chauvin Arnoux proposes an innovative offering of Test and Measurement instruments, enabling professionals to test the reliability, safety and effectiveness of devices, equipment and processes.

Voltage Absence Tester

  • The C.A 773 VAT is an essential tool for electricians to check that no voltage is present before working on any electrical installation connected to the network.
  • The C.A 773's comprehensive Autotest checks the electrical circuits, the power supply, the displays and the condition of the measurement leads.

Digital Multimeters

  • The C.A 5273 is a comprehensive multimeter for electrical maintenance of installations and small AC and DC machines, with a double 6,000-count backlit display and a 61+2-segment bargraph with remanent effect.
  • Designed and manufactured in France by Chauvin Arnoux, this multimeter comes with a 3-year warranty.

Digital Power and Harmonics Clamp Multimeter

  • The F205 clamp is ideal for low and medium-power Low-Voltage applications, maintenance of tertiary or industrial electrical installations and troubleshooting and sizing of electrical power supplies.