W40xH60 SLOTTED TRUNKING wide (2met)


Slotted cable ducting

Ezi Canal slotted cable ducting features a cover design for easy opening and closing of the trunking permitting easy access to wiring in control panels which may require frequent modifications or additions. Ezi Canal wiring ducts meet maximum wire capacity requirements and space constraints (from small wall mounted control panels to large integrated systems) to provide effective support for demanding wire management solutions. Manufactured from high-impact, self-extinguishing, warp-proof rigid PVC material. Ezi Canal provides a shock proof insulated protection solution, which is resistant to acids, oils and grease. Used for general purpose control panel wiring to provide improved aesthetics and a neater wire management solution in high density control panels.

General features:

  • Slot width: Finger - 6 mm / Slot - 4 mm
  • Standard length: Supplied in two meter lengths, complete with covers
  • Standard colour: Grey - others available on request (volume dependant)
  • UL94 flammability rating V-0 for excellent flame retardation
  • Double score-line permits finger/slot or complete sidewall removal
  • Simple open/close cover design for easy access to wiring in control panel
  • Coining process for burr-free edges to protect hands and wiring from abrasion
  • Restricted slot design retains wire within slot for fast, easy wire installation or removal
  • Duct and cover form a flush sidewall to provide increased capacity and improved appearance
  • Narrow slot/finger design to closely fit spacing of high density terminal blocks and I/O modules

NOTE 10% off list price for full carton quantities of TSL trunking. Add /B to end of part number (e.g TSL025040N/B).

  • 10% off list price for full carton quantities of TSL trunking (above) -
  • add /B to end of part number (e.g TSL025040N/B)
SERIES Ezi Canal
DESCRIPTIONPVC wide slotted cable trunking
DIMENSIONS (MM)(W) 40 x (H) 60