RACK 13.5 kVAr 400V 14% REACTOR


Power factor systems (automatic)

HR14 series - Power factor rack system

  • RC series power factor racks are designed for direct panel mounting onto vertical supports within floor standing electrical panels.
  • 14% - 134 Hz De-tuned reactors for networks with a high levels of 3rd Harmonics
  • Single step - racks 480V capacitors - separate fuse protection for each bank

HR14 series rack design incorporates the following:

  • Sheet metal mounting frame for easy panel mounting (capacitors visible without having to remove rack)
  • Electronicon heavy duty gas filled cylindrical capacitors (with integrated discharge resistors)
  • Three-phase busbar mounted fuse holder with hinged fuse protection cover
  • Special capacitor switching contactors 400 VAC coil (230V on request)
  • Suitably rated HRC fuses for each phase of each capacitor bank
  • Incorporated busbar, supports and inter-connecting busbar links
SERIESHR14 series
KVAR AT 400V13.5
KVAR AT 440V15
KVAR AT 480V18
DESCRIPTIONSingle step capacitor + 14% reactor rack
DIMENSIONS (MM)(H) 310 x (W) 740 x (D) 538