1600A AC1 950KW CONTACTOR 110V

Supplier: Lovato Electric
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BF series - Three-pole contactors (Ui 1000V)

The Lovato contactor range offers only the finest in quality and reliability. The contactors are geared for easy installation with a snap-on mounting feature. Available in both AC and DC, Lovato contactors offers a solution for any installation.

Key Features:

  • Coils with wide operating range
  • 55mm wide contactors up to 80a in AC3 (45kW) with a width of just 55mm
  • 45mm wide contactors- merely 45mm wide: exceptional benefit for electric panel dimensions
  • 4-terminal coil connecting cables can be coupled to the coil both on the line and load ends of the contactor
  • Built-in surge suppressor BF series contactors up to 80A AC3 with voltages in DC or AC/DC already have a built-in surge suppressor
  • Low-consumption coils. The BF...L contactors feature a 2.4W low consumption. This characteristic widely allows their direct control by PLC outputs
  • Electronic coil. Contactors from 40 to 80A AC3 can be equipped with AC/DC electronic coil with wide operating range. Example: single 100 to 250V AC/DC coil
kW RATING (AC1) 400V950kW
DESCRIPTION3-pole contactor

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