WISKA COMBI Junction Boxes


The COMBI junction box pairs smart design with durable material to bring you a solution that saves you time without compromising on quality.

The solid, thermoplastic housing is made from two kinds of moulding components making it highly resistant.

The locking system closes in just a quarter turn. It also eliminates the rust caused from traditional screws.

The box also has a patented integration of thread and self-sealing membranes. This allows for faster cable entry as the thread can be directly mounted into the cable glands.

With all these innovations, the COMBI can save you over 30% on labour time, in addition to reducing the tools you need to install it.

Wiska Banner-03 (Custom)
WISKA COMBI junction boxes are easily identified by their well-known bellied cover allowing for more room inside the box and easy installation.

But COMBI also offers you the following advantages:  

  • Weather-proof, resistant to ultraviolet, shatter proof, impact-resistant
  • Ideally suitable for extreme conditions or outdoor installations
  • Solid thermoplastic housing made out of 2 different kinds of moulding components 
  • Flame-retardent and halogen-free
  • 30% saving on labour thanks to faster cable entry via soft self-sealing membrane, no further tool required (COMBI 108, 607, 1210)
  • Self-sealing membrane in the ground enables clean assembly for cable outputs from the wall (COMBI 108, 607, 1210)
  • Captive and rust-free quick-release lid screws of plastic, closing of the box with only a quarter turn
  • 10 % more room inside thanks to bellied cover
  • Integrated thread in which cable glands can be directly mounted into - without locknuts. The combination of thread and membrane saves you one further working process. (COMBI 308, 607 und 1210)

wiska 2
Adaptor to connect COMBI 308 or COMBI 1210
wiska 3
No further tool required
wiska 4
Earthing plate suitable for use with COMBI for SWA cable with BW / CW cable glands
wiska 5
COMBI 108 and 308 with fast mounting clip