Schaffner active harmonic filters

December 10, 2014

Industrial, commercial buildings and data centres install loads such as PCs, Servers, UPS, AC/DC drives, rectifiers, battery chargers, power suppliers, LED lamps, etc. which lead to an increased harmonic load on the mains supply causing non-sinusoidal currents to flow through the electrical infrastructure, generating stress and excessive heating in conductors, fuses, transformers etc.

As well as voltage drops across system impedances, resulting in voltage distor tion and potential reliability problems. ECOsine ™ Active harmonic f ilters eliminate these harmonic disturbances. ECOsine™ Active filters are triple-duty high per formance devices for:

  • Harmonics mitigation,
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Load balancing.

Schaffner Group presents an effective solution for better power quality and electrical system availability reducing downtime in all areas of industry and commercial applications. Schaffner also offer advanced passive filtering and EMC/EMI filters for complete power quality solutions.