Gen-set controllers RGK900 series

January 8, 2015

The RGK900 from Lovato is designed with control and protection in mind. The device is best suited to synchronising and load shedding operation related applications.

While it still has all the celebrated features of the RGK700 and RGK800, it also boasts a range of new ones that help expand and improve on its already impressive functioning.



  • Single generator in maintained parallel with the mains in “base-load” mode

     (Generator power supplied at a steady rate)

  • Single generator in maintained parallel with the mains, in peak-shaving mode

    (Import-export – mains power is limited to constant value and load peaks during heavy demand for power are supplied by generator)

  • Single generator in AMF with temporary parallel with the mains

           (For emergency, with AMF in closed transition).

You can find this innovative product, and more, in the ElectroMechanica catalogue page F-2

Standard features (as in RGK700/800/):

  • Voltage control for one, two and three phase systems with or without neutral
  • Rated measurement voltage: 600Vac
  • Rated measurement voltage range: 30-720Vac
  • Frequency measurement range: 45-65Hz
  • Current measurement range (3 PH): 0.050-6A or 0.050-1.2A
  • USB/optical and Wi-Fi port on front facial for programming, diagnostics and data download
  • Engine running detection: “D+”, generator voltage and frequency
  • 2 engine speed inputs: “W” or Magnetic “Pick-up”
  • CANbus-J1939 port
  • 3 analog resistance inputs for oil pressure, engine temperature and fuel level control
  • 1 built-in alarm remoting port
  • Alarm, event and parameter text in 5 languages (total 60 alarms)
  • Alarm text customisable (4 alarms)
  • Event log
  • Modbus-RTU and Modbus-ASCII communication protocols
  • PLC logic for inputs, outputs and internal status
  • Communication port: RS232
  • Degree of protection: IP65 on front, suitable for outdoor installations
  • Communication port: RS485
  • Neutral measurement range: 0.05-6A or 0.05-1.2A
  • 400Hz frequency support
  • Modbus-TCP communication protocol
  • Current leakage control towards earth/ground
  • Clock-calendar (RTC)

New Features:

  • Alarm, event and parameter text in 5 languages (total 67 alarms)
  • Alarm text customisable (16 alarms)
  • Fourth CT for neutral measurement or earth/ground leakage detection
  • Boolean logic for inputs, outputs and internal status
  • 2 analog outputs for engine speed control (governor) /voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Built-in buzzer
  • Multi-level passwords
  • Sleep function (power saving mode)
  • Synchronising and load sharing
  • Mains / Generator controls: Phase sequence, phase loss, max and min voltage and frequency,
  • voltage asymmetry
  • Programmable maintenance at various intervals
  • Mains-generator synchronising (ATS closed transition)
  • Mains in base-load with generator in peak shaving
  • Paralleling supervision of generators (island mode)
  • Generating set start scheduling